2 Churches Judged LGBTQ

I tell you the truth. I been to two churches and they judge my community of people. I truly hate that.

They both were talking about life is between a man and a woman and they make children.

Then they talked about weight issues in the US. I know I have a weight issue and I have to deal with it. Don’t through it at everyone coming to church.

You know I am Christian Pagan so I believe in allot of things. O well it happens. It was a study online that God had a wife. I think they said her name was Asherah. But man tour down the temples and all that.

You just wonder where religion goes these days.

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My Hair Depresses Me

I have thick tangled black peoples hair and it gets on my nerves. You know I mostly wear wigs, but I have to manage this hair under the wigs so I can put on my wigs. I have to put a relaxer in my hair ever 2 months or so.

I been stressed and my hair is getting worse. Some been falling out. I really hate my hair but its a part of me and I must get used to it. I get depressed every time I have to wash and comb this hair

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Had a good birthday

Some friends through me a party. It was very nice. I had fun. One day maybe I will spend my birthday with you.

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Giantess Pictures

One of my fans made these giantess pictures of me. Now you remember I make allot of giantess Videos. Here are the pictures.

shemale gaintess pictures

Giantess Shemale Pictures
Shemalevicki. Shemale Giantess

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Don’t Forget my Birthday

My birthday is coming up so please send me an email to shemalevicki@gmail.com to give me the best wishes.

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No Date for Valentines

Well another year and no date for Valentines. I hate that but it happens. I know Valentines is a busy time of the day but it would be nice to have a guy spend time with me on it.

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My health is somewhat better

Hello thank you all for the emails of support. Thank you so much. I am feeling better and it seems my liver is healing. I hope you all are doing well. Let me know how you doing and email me at shemalevicki@gmail.com

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My Birthday in February

Well I hate to give you my real birthday cause some guys are out there to steal passwords. My birthday is near Valentines, so lets just make Valentines my birthday. I hope you all email me on shemalevicki@gmail.com to celebrate my birthday.

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Hope The New Year is going good for others

I am still dealing with this new year. I hope its better than last year. Wish me luck. I have made some friends where I live, but I still want to move. I just don’t see a big future in this place.

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Kind of Sick

Everyone my liver is a little messed up right now. Its hard to eat meat right now. I hope you have hope with me that I get better. I also have acid reflex. I got so many medical problems, high blood pressure, fatty liver, diabetes, and acid reflex.

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