Vicki Pictures

Here are some very hot sexy pictures of me, I hope you like them.

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  1. Angel says:

    i think u are beautiful a princess in my eyes u shouldnt let them two assholes make u feel angry upset or sad u are the shit lol a dime i just wish we can have a convo and get 2 kno each other so i can show the rest of these men how 2 treat a princess im angel everyone calls me cash i hope 2 tlk 2 u soon u can always be my vicki secret kisses princess

    • PJ says:

      Vicki I think you are beautiful! I would love to get a chance to meet you! If you could add me on chat(aol instant messeger: pjlucas77burgh) or my gmail account pjlucas77. I tried to find a place to email you on this site but I could not find it!
      You are so gorgeous!

  2. Angel says:

    i also love music just as u im very outgoing a happy go lucky type of guy i work at the pennsylvania convention center im 5″9 light brown eyes blk hair 155lbs and a 8 very well groomed love 2 look as sexy as i can im am latino puerto rican i live in philly and surely want to show u a great time something i think every ladie should deserve tell how beautiful u are everyday send u flowers when u least expect them 2 put that sexy smile on ur face and keep it there

    • vicki says:

      This guy I have not heard from. I really like Angel, but he is not being party of my life. Then some girls are calling me cursing me out lately. I dont’ know if they about Brad or him. Well its whatever. I hope he is happy with his girl.

  3. dmoney says:

    I love you Vicki! Come to Texas so we can meet!!! You are so hot!!! OMG keep the pantyhose and stockings videos coming! Gorgeous baby, simply stunning

  4. your pictures are so beautiful.



  6. tashawn says:

    U R soooooooooooo dam hot @ fine I just love your pics dam I could eat u all up every last part@ inch of u

  7. vicki says:

  8. kevin says:

    WOW you look graet
    you r soooo sexy

  9. tom sullivan says:

    viki you really have sparked my curiosity. as i read your posts and i watch you on you tube i wonder if you are what you appear to be or are you just another hustler????????????? i see a refined young woman who knows what she wants in a relationship, but at the same time wants her indepenence. now i’m not a control freak by any stretch, but i do know to have the type of successful fulfilling relationship (you speak of so often) it take commitment sacrifice and hard work. i am up to it but are you…trust me i got the goods,and i enjoy monogomy, but most young women these days want to eat the cake and have it. i am from chicago and let’s just say financially independent. but wealth is not my priority TRUE love is. if your real write back we could even do christmas together here or there if i’m not out of the country. we wouldn’t do boston market i promise. let’ us begin as friends shall we

  10. Terry says:

    Hello there, I am Terry and I have a curiosity for beautiful women with and extra tool. I am very new at this and is kinda nervous just typing this to you. But I think you are pretty and I know I want to experience what a woman of your stature has to offer, hope to hear from ya…stay sweet.

  11. videoman says:

    Hi, Vicki

    Here’s some advice:

    The hottest video I ever saw was you doing that latex mistress routine. You had so much control over the guy he’d have jumped out of the window had you asked him. And the glasses you were wearing gave you a look no one else can match.

    But mostly it was all the shit you were talking. Your dialog was so bewitching I could have turned off my monitor and still kept my hard on. But the video ended with you telling the guy to get on his knees.

    I searched the net high and low for the full video. I spent weeks doing this and finally found this site. But when I found this site instead of finding the sassy latex mistress I was looking for I found someone who looks nothing like the sensational chick I saw in the vid.

    You need to forget about the glam girl stuff and specialize. Whoever thought up the idea of putting you in leather and eyeglasses was a genius. That needs to be your thing — do nothing else but that. Become the best at that. Put the eye-glasses back on and cut your hair short again. Make a real study of BDSM — get tapes and read books.

    I was ready to hop a plane to California to have a session with you. You must put those glass and latex back on. You must dominate men with your words and mind — that’s where your genius lies.

    I live in Baltimore and do video. Let’s hook up real soon.

    Forget all the glam girl stuff — that’s not you. You are “Nurse Vicki: Your Black Latex Provider”


  12. Angel says:

    Hey boo its me Angel yea its been a long time since weve talked but i do miss u and Miss that beautiful voice and smile oh yea and my chili lol i miss u girl hope u get back to me babygirl mwwa kisses and lots of hugs

  13. davek1031 says:

    Ur pics u r beautiful Love

  14. Dale says:

    You are so beautiful I can’t resist you, I enjoy being your slave.

  15. says:

    Vicki, your modeling (photos & video’s) bring me pleasure on a nighty basis.

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