Our first time

We started talking on the phone when I asked you let’s meet. You agreed and then I plan the evening for us.

I picked you up and looked so sexy but classy, skirt and heels blouse just a little cleavage nice lips. I opened the door to my car but before I did I held your hands and said it has been many years and I leaned in and kissed you softly just a little tongue and said nice as you got in car.

We held hands in the car and headed for dinner, fast forward to seeing you home. We kissed a little and you whispered wanna cum in, I said yes that be nice.

We sat down on your sofa you asked me if I wanted wine 🍷I said OK. We sat and talk laughed I asked to kiss you again and you leaned in we kissed passionately.

We were both getting hot when you stopped and said you be right back. You went into bedroom and came out in purple lingerie heels and thigh highs looked hot.

You straddled my legs and we kissed so much then you put my mouth 👄 on your nipple told me to suck them. I enjoyed them and said hot hot you looked.

You got off my lap and pulled my pants off the started sucking my cock and balls. Then I pulled you close kisses you more, then I kiss you neck sliding my tongue down to each breast tickling the nipples, then run my tongue down your belly to your panties as I pull them off you were so excited I lick the head slowly taking all of your cock in my mouth.

Stroking and sucking your beautiful cock, then I kneeled rubbed my cock against yours and then raised your legs on the sofa slide my cock inside your tight hole first the head then deep as I could go in and out as I stroked your cock.

I kept fucking until you said let’s go in the bedroom, I pulled out and grabbed your hand you led me to your bed both got all naked. Cuddle and kissed you went down to my cock sucked me to get hard then got on your hands and knees I got behind you and slide my cock in with ease pumping away.

It was so hot I shot my load deep in you then later on bed telling you I love to suck you till you cum all over my face or in my mouth. I said I wish you take me and fuck me with legs up. You said really baby you got up for between my legs sucking my cock then your finger in my ass, got it lubber up and said your cock to feel it in me you started fucking my ass slow and deep as I stroked my cock it felt so good I shot my load and you kept fucking me till you said get on my knees and stroked your cock and shot your loss all over my face and in my mouth told me to clean it up so I did.

We went and got a shower together kissing while water ran down our bodies both getting hard again. We got out of shower went back to bedroom laying there kissing each other. I said let’s 69 on our sides we both sucked each other so good we both took each others cum.

We got done cumming and kissed more till we fell asleep in each others arms. In the morning it was so nice to wake up next to you Mmmm. We took advantage of morning wood.

As I was getting ready to leave you said you got so turned on when I told you want to do after I fucked you I said it was hot sometimes. You said hold on before you get dressed you came back with a pair of new purple panties.

You said put these on and I did loved them the feeling was nice. You said I looked sexy in purple now you do and when you see them at home you be reminded of our love making.

I said OK babe you said no no there is more take pictures of me wearing them at work in bathroom and at home so I said yes honey.

As we kissed I said can’t wait to see you again real soon you said the same to me.

I hope you like the long Story