My Goddess Vicki

Daniel stood at the door with baited breath. He was tired from his trip, it had been a long one. Every second worth it, he reminded himself. Days earlier Daniel had gotten an email from his Goddess, Victoria. It demanded he attend her immediately, and he had hastened to obey. He booked a flight to see her, and arranged the car rental as soon as he’d finished reading the email. The whole trip was spent fantasizing about what was coming. Daniel’s mind raced faster as he got closer to his destination. Ever since they’d first started exchanging emails Daniel had dreamed of this day. Now here he was, heart racing and starting to sweat with anticipation.
He was snapped out of the day dream by the sound of the door being unlocked. As it swung open he got his first real life look at his supreme desire. Victoria was slightly shorter than Daniel, she was wearing purple lingerie and stockings but no shoes.
“Hello baby, you must be Danny. How was your trip?” She asked him as her eyes moved up and down his body. Daniel began to stutter out his response when she interrupted him.
“Tongue tied cutie? You’ll need to get that straightened out for what I have in mind for you. Now your Goddess asked you a question! You’d better answer me.”
Daniel nodded and Vicki reached out and grabbed him by the collar. She pulled him through the doorway roughly. He stumbled and almost lost his balance. Vicki had released him and started to walk seductively down the short hallway leading from the door.
“Follow me baby, in here.” Vicki’s voice was seductive and inviting. She turned into an adjoining room and Daniel followed slightly awed. As he entered her living room he was unsure what he expected. Some opulent living space, a dungeon maybe? He was surprised to find the room could have been any living room, comfortable but not overly, the furnishings were nice, and no chains. He wondered if that was more surprising or disappointing.
Vicki stretched out on the couch that occupied the centre of the room in front of the tv. She motioned for him to approach her once she was in a comfortable position, her stockinged feet hanging over the arm rest facing him. She wiggled her toes a little as she stretched, than giggled when she saw Danny was staring at them.
“Don’t worry Danny, you’ll get to spend lots of time with them.” And Vicki giggled again when he blushed slightly realizing he’d been caught staring.
“Did you want anything? A drink?” She asked him.
“No, thank you.” Danny responded, starting to feel more relaxed now.
“That’s ‘no thank you GODDESS’, you will always address me as such while you are in my home. Do you understand?” Vicki’s tone let Danny know he had offended her. Not only because he knew better, but because she had made that plain to him months ago. He was a little embarrassed again.
“No, thank you Goddess. I am sorry I forgot my place.” Danny said sheepishly, uncertain of if he would punished for his transgression.
“That’s better. Show me how sorry you are and rub my feet, NOW!”
Daniel was a taken aback at how quickly Vicki could go from sweet to stern and decided not to annoy her further. He dropped to his knees in front of her dangling feet and, gripping her right foot firmly, began massaging her. Her feet felt so soft, and the stockings made them silky to his touch. As he started Vicki turned on the tv. Daniel looked over, and no sooner turned his head than heard,
“Keep your eyes on my feet Danny, you should focus one hundred percent on doing the task your Goddess gives you. You have already made two mistakes, one more slip up and I won’t hesitate to punish you.”
Danny’s eye quickly turned back to Vicki’s lovely soles. He was allowed to spend one hour rubbing her right foot, and was told he would spend another hour on her left. The entire time he massaged her right foot he felt like he was in heaven.
About fifteen minutes into massaging the left foot he heard Vicki start to moan.
“Mmmm that feels so good Danny, don’t stop.” Vicki said between light moans. A few more minutes and Vicki was starting to shake ever so gently. Her moans grew louder as her shaking became more pronounced. Daniel took the opportunity to glance over the couch at Vicki.
Her eyes were closed, and her right hand was rubbing against her crotch. Daniel could see her member starting to awaken from the motion of her hand. Her eyes opened and she caught him in a dead stare.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Didn’t I just tell you to only look at my feet?” Vicki swung her legs around and stood off the couch. Her cock was swollen and very noticeable pressing against her panties. “You want to look at my cock? Alright, come over here and I’ll give you a nice view of it baby. Crawl over here and come get a good look you little bitch.”
Danny complied without hesitation. He crawled towards her like a dog on all fours. When he was close she grabbed him by his hair and forced his head back. She had pulled her member out and hung just over his face.
“Open wide bitch!” Vicki commanded, and as soon as Daniel’s mouth opened she thrust herself into it. Danny gagged as the meaty black cock filled his mouth and almost blocked his throat. It was sticky from her playing earlier, and she wasted no time in moving it in and out of Danny.s mouth. After the first seconds of shock passed Danny become quite eager. He had been dreaming about servicing Vicki like this since he’d first seen her photos on her website. He gripped the shaft with one hand, stroking and sucking his perfect Goddess. She kept one hand on the back of his head, occasionally taking control of the rhythm as her slave worked furiously to suck her cock. He took his free hand and gripped Vicki’s ass so he could force her even further down his throat. Soon his hand had moved towards Vicki’s asshole, and he slid two fingers inside her while stroking and sucking her.
“OH! Mmmm, baby that feels so nice.” Vicki cooed, “You’re getting me so close. Are you ready Danny? I’m about to fill your mouth with m-”
There was a sudden eruption in Danny’s mouth. He began swallowing his Goddess load as quickly as he could, but she unleashed an absolute torrent into down his throat. It was dribbling out of his mouth, it seemed it would never end.
As Vicki finished her release she looked down at him. Daniel was a bit messy, she had filled his mouth and her excess was smeared on his chest and face. It had been just the release she had been craving, but already her appetite was returning and she wanted more. Still holding onto the back of Danny’s head she slowly, seductively, started to turn. She positioned Danny’s face directly centre of her ass.
“Remember how I said you needed to straighten out your tongue? I hope you listened because now it’s going in my gorgeous asshole. Get to it!” Vicki moved Danny’s head closer and sat back simultaneously, and Danny’s face was lodged deeply into her cheeks. She felt his tongue penetrate her as soon as his face was in her ass. He was so enthusiastic, and she enjoyed that immensely. His tongue up her ass started making her hard again, so Vicki started jerking herself off while her eager new slave gave her an amazing rim job. This time when she was about to finish she turned around and let her load loose into Danny’s face. Danny promptly thanked her for the gift he had just received.
Vicki made Danny repeat these acts several more times, sucking her toes than her cock than her ass. She liked making Danny suck her toes and kiss her feet, it made him so hard she thought he might tear through his pants. He was never allowed to release himself though, Vicki wanted him to save that for the next part of her was late at night when Vicki finally felt satisfied with her slaves work. She was spent from cumming so many times, and decided she would head to bed.
“Have you enjoyed yourself so far Danny?” She asked. He nodded.
“Are you ready to be mine Danny?” Again he nodded.
“Good, then from now on you will be my pet. I have a collar you will wear at all times in my presence. Would you like to see it?” And Danny nodded.
She led him out of the living room and into the bedroom. There, Vicki pulled something out of drawer in her night stand. She showed Danny, it was a collar, a very small collar.
“Goddess I don’t understand, it’s too small.” Danny said puzzled
“You will, I have other present for you. Here.” She reached back into the drawer and removed a long test tube. Inside was a dark blue liquid. Vicki poured a tiny amount into a shot glass and handed it to Danny.
“Drink this, and tomorrow all of your fantasies will start coming true.” She whispered in his ear.
“As you wish Goddess, may I preform any other service to you?” He replied before gulping the entire contents of the glass.
“Yes, you will suck me off one more time before I fall asleep. When you finish you will go sleep there,” she pointed to a large dog bed in the corner of the room, “and in the morning we will spend some time taking care of your fantasies.”
Danny complied without question. He had, in a very short time, decided this was how he would spend his free time. Worshiping Vicki would be his religion. As he wrapped his lips around her cock he kept repeating ‘Vicki is my Goddess and I am now only her property. I will be her property forever.’
As he sucked her hard cock he felt like something was off. It seemed larger then before. Maybe he was just getting better at it, he thought. When she came it was another flood. Danny swallowed every single drop as it flowed. Vicki was asleep within minutes of finishing and Danny took his place in the dog bed. He drifted off to sleep dreaming about his new life as Vicki’s cock toy.
He awoke in the morning to Vicki gently speaking “wake up slave, you need to begin your day servicing me.” Danny tried to move, but he felt pinned. He blinked open his eyes and was startled. Vicki was standing above him, literally. Pinning him down was her beautiful foot, only now it was the size of his chest. Her toes were huge and rested on his chest near his neck, her heel was pinning his cock.
“Good morning little man. Did you sleep? I did, knowing this is what I was waking up too. Look how hard I am already.”
Vicki was nude from the waist down. Her cock, which seemed large the night before, was now mammoth. Danny’s head reeled, this was impossible.
“Now come here little man, it’s time to get acquainted with your new life…”

End of part 1