Dinner of a lifetime

I call you the next day (still feeling the the fullness of your cock in my ass and tasting your cum) say it was very nice and passionate to spend time with you.

You said you love it too and want to see me soon. You said you wanted to cum in my ass next time. I giggled and said that be nice and I do the same.

So you ask me if I would cum to your place and you would make dinner, I said OK sounds nice.

I pulled up to your place knock at door and you yelled out cum in dinner is waiting.

I cum around corner there you were in sexy heels lingerie looking hot, and two other girls dressed sexy too.

I said am I dreaming I thought we were having dinner, you giggled at said oh honey your are going to be fed good tonight.

You said, I told my girls here how much you pleased me and love it too. They wanted some loving too. I came over and sat next to you as you handed me some wine and said hope you have a big appetite.

Just then we started kissing and the other two girls Betty and Angel where just watching us. Then you said OK Ben sit on ottoman, all three of you pull out your girlie cocks Angel had the longest but all were nice.

You said dinner is served so starting sucking your cock then Betty’s of course got some of Angels cock wow I was loving it. I was sucking and stroking all of you and you said how’s your food taste I just mumbled mmmmmm.

You undressed me and you girls sucked my cock a little told me that this was intermission the main entree is cumming soon.

Everyone was naked Betty had big tits you looked amazing love your body, and Angel was huge like 10″, wow.

You said let’s all go in the bedroom where you hand a king size bed real sexy atmosphere.

Told me time for main entree so while Betty and Angel laid on the bed you got behind me told me to bend over in bed suck the girls as you slid in your cock. OMG I was so hot you slid it in and out slow the fast felt so good Betty said she wanted some of that ass.

So you pulled out came on bed as I sucked your cock and Angels Betty had smaller cock but still felt good inside me.

Betty pulled out and wanted to suck on me she went under me sucking my cock while I sucked you and Angel came around teased my ass slow going inside me each time she went deep I fucked Betty’s mouth and forced your cock in my mouth.

I couldn’t hold out and shot my load in Betty’s mouth you came in my mouth told me to swallow all, then Angel started pumping faster until she shot her whole load in me till she went limp I felt it as Betty drained my cum I did the same on yours.

You said how was dessert I said better than I ever had, well we all cleaned up staying nude kissing each other and laughed and we all started getting hot again, you said don’t forget to tip the chefs.

With that all three of you got bent over the bed and one by on I fucked all of you in and out and deep as I could go and I came deep in your ass cause could not out. As I collapsed on the bed you girls lick me all up I said I loved all you girls and would have dinner anytime.

The girls got dressed we did too you gave me a silky robe said stay so I came out in robe to see the girls leave and we sat down and sipped wine.

You said how was dinner I said the best I ever had. You said you wanted me to stay the night and we made love again got showered you gave me girlie nighty to wear and you has one and fell asleep in each others arms.

That’s what I call a full course meal…..

Love ya