Earlier Riser

Well after our date and intense love making we fell fast asleep. Morning was getting closer the sun cracking through the blinds just like it was showing the way.

I looked over and you were wearing a teddy with your breast gently coming out the side.

I decided to give you a nice wake up surprise. As I pulled the sheet back and slowly pull up your teddy I see the prize.

I licked your cock a little to not to wake you then slowly sucked into my mouth twirling my tongue around your soft shaft.

I then started taking all of it in my mouth feeling you grow harder. I looked up you just made a little noise like you were dreaming.

I licked the shaft Now more than I can handle started sucking your Now hard cock pumping in my mouth while holding your balls in my hand.

At that point you woke up just said ohh baby suck momma’s cock I was taking it deep as I could feeling you thrusting into my mouth.

You yelled out don’t stop sucking my cock I’m so close to cumming. I kept sucking you till I felt the head of your cock swell up.

Just then unloaded so much can it came out the sides of my mouth but I swallowed every drop I could then licked my lips and said good morning beautiful.

You said yes it is the best wake up ever I had and want that more I said mmm really. I came up up we cuddle and kissed passionately.

As we kissed my cock still hard from sucking your cock. You said you wanted to straddle my cock and slid my cock inside you as I pumped away you squeezed your breast.

I said I want you on bed with your legs up as I sucked you deep shooting my load deep inside and said Now that’s a great morning….