Dinner for two, Cream for one

We decided we go to a nice dinner have a few drinks and enjoy each others company.

I picked you up and you wearing a beautiful dress nice heels and just enough cleavage to make me smile.

I was wearing nice pants and polo shirt. We drove to an Italian restaurant it was set up with nice tall booths for privacy.

Sat down in booth cuddling up and small kisses holding hands Real passionate towards each other.

We ordered wine first then dinner at we toasted each other clinked glasses. We ordered food was having a great time good conversation and laughs.

We finished up and you went to use the ladies room as you did I was being wild again. I got under the table cloth and waited for you. As you came back didn’t know I was under table as the waiter ask would you like dessert but I think my man is about to have some. With that he left.

You chuckled but I started rubbing your thighs open your legs and with your help took of your sexy panties. I started stroking your lady cock as hot harder I put my mouth all over it feeling it grow in my mouth.

You were trying to be quiet but you were turn on and yelled out a few times but kept feeding your cock too me. I was sucking you licking your balls.

The waiter came back you told him that you will be getting something creamed filled with a chuckle. After he left I sucked faster until you shot your load in my mouth. I kept sucking until your cock was empty and clean. I swallowed all of it came up said mmmmm.

We left restaurant made out next to car. Then drove home while you kissed my neck rubbing my crotch.

We got to my place you grabbed me ripping off my clothes and taking yours off too. Told me sit on sofa why you got on your knees started sucking my cock. As I got hard you bent over coffee table and said fuck you so I slid my cock in your ass in and out until I filled your ass with my cum.

We got cleaned up had more wine and asked if you could massage my back from being under table.

So we layed in bed still nude I layed on bed face down you straddled my thighs started rubbing my back felt so good you kept rubbing when I felt your cock getting stiff and you had massage oil rubbed my assignment and played with my hole when I felt you cock head enter my hole I said babe give me more soon you kept sliding it in deeper back n forth until I was moaning loud as you shot your load inside of my ass all of it did not fit as you came all over my balls.

We cleaned up and laid in bed cuddling till we fell asleep.