My secret admirer

Well everything was normal and then I get a knock at my door. A guy comes to my door and tells me he is interested in buying my car. I look at him and say who are you. He said he stays on the other side of town and comes by here to see friends in this part of town. I say I will have to check with my family about the car cause they gave it to e. So he said ok. He gets my number and calls me 4 days in a room. He kept asking about the car. I was like I dont’ know really. He said, “What about you?” I said , “What about me?” He said, “Can I come over keep you company and we can talk about the car in bed. I can really eat pussy good and fuck you really hard up your black juicy pussy. Plus I want to play with them nice tits.” Now you know I have not been that sexy since living here but my powers of enchantress still work. So he got here and come to find out, there was no pussy to be found. Let me slow down First her sucked on my tits and pushed me up against the wall. My breast feed him with lust , desire and horny temptations. Then you reached his hands in my blue jean skirt to rub up and down on my my nice thick plus sized chocolate ass. Then he reached past my belly into my frontal panties and said, “Whats this?” I said, “Surprise!!!” He was like well I am bigger than you!” He pulled out 9 to 10 inches of cock laying there to his knees, he through me in the bed and put his dick up against mine, and he just dry humped me with our dicks rubbing together. It was so good. I have not had a cum load like that in years just us exploding together between each others chest. I felt his power of sexuality and he felt mine. We did it like 2 times.

Hot nasty safe sex.