O my its a Cop

Ok, now lets talk stalker. You know I gained weight and yes allot of you don’t like me being this big fat woman lately but get over it. Well anyway, this cop came to my door. I was like , “Can I help you?” He is like, “We noticed you have not been out lately and we wanted to make sure you were alright.” I looked at him and said , “You are alone, who the hell is we.”

While I am telling this cop he needs to mind his own business, he is getting a bulge in his pants. So then another cop comes by and he is like what are you doing in this district. I looked at that cop and he pushed me inside and he told the other cop, I am just visiting a friend of the family. So the cop from my area left and when I turned around the cop that was knocking at my door was beating his meat. I am like, ” What are you doing?” He still was beating and he said, “I love it when you wear your rainbow socks.” I am like, “What?” He cums all over my front room floor, then pushes me down and makes me suck his hot dog clean. Then he says thank you and leaves. You know men of power can do what they want.

O well, he didn’t taste that bad, I will let him slide this time, but next time I am bending him over and sticking my toy up his behind, he will learn not to pop up on this black shemale.