About Vicki

This site is mostly my new site all about me.  I hope you like this site.  I am one of the hottest black shemales, transsexuals, tgirls in the United States.

You can see my other sites such as SAFESEXTOUR.COM  AND SHEMALES-TS.COM.

Also check out my best friends site www.shemalecananda.com

My Goal

I want to really make things better in the tgirl, transsexual community.  I hope I eventually make things happy for me so I can help others.

You can always reach me on messenger on yahoo, aol, even google as sstvickisecret

Mostly I am to be emailed on shemalevicki@gmail.com, sstvickisecret@gmail.com, and sistersuccess2@gmail.com

I don’t give out my phone number really much anymore. I get so tired of people harrassing me and getting on my nerves. I am not a referall service to find tgirls. If I find out about any groups or info on parties I usually post them on http://meetup.com/patgirls

I am really a boring person if you read my blogs. I have an interesting life because of the lifestyle I have, but

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  1. ALESSANDRO says:


  2. tashawn says:

    Add me to your friends @ email list

  3. axioriWoodo says:

    Hello. xaxanjasdijwewe And Bye.

  4. Christopher says:

    Im in Morgantown and was kinda interested in saying hi after viewing your photos!

  5. Dave says:

    hey vicky..,massive fan..get so horny for you..please email me babe…I want you so bad and will fly to philly.write to me at davyg107@hotmail.com.,your my obsession and I love it

  6. Slave Sandra says:

    Hi hit me up would like to talk more about being Your’e domestic house cd bitch
    5’6″ 145 SMOOTH . You are very pretty.

  7. Hello sister Vicki hope you’re well.
    From your litte sister Katherine with Love….

  8. Dale says:

    You are my Goddess and I will serve you.

  9. Dale says:

    Yes Master my only reason for existing is you please you forever and ever.

  10. Dale says:

    Yes I must serve you and love you forever.

  11. Dale says:

    You are my Goddess and I am your eager willing slave I am unable to resist my powerful shemale Mistress.

  12. CatherineIII says:

    Missing you my sista Vicki

  13. kk040691@gmail.com says:

    Have a blessed and loved Thanksgiving my Queen.

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