Disobedient Slaves

Here is where I post pictures when slaves are not doing as I ask them to do.

I will ruin you as you don’t do as I say.

8 Responses to Disobedient Slaves

  1. ilslave says:

    I promise not to fight you anymore. I had a dream about you last night, I wake up thinking about you. Which email would you like your gifts sent to. Continue to take control goddess.

  2. Dale says:

    I have been disobedient Goddess I need to be reminded who I belong to and why, I so miss conversing with you.

  3. Dale says:

    Yes I was meant to be with you.

  4. kk040691@gmail.com says:

    My Goddesses,

    I spend my waking hours dreaming of serving you, while i am not worthy of you my Queen, i must try to offer myself to you.

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