Day of the Sun

The Sun in the sky that shines so bright
Its what people have worshipped
When they ae scared of the night
Your rays come down
So powerful and strong
You have been burning
So very Long
O Sun close to yellow or Gold
Please grant me money I can be happy and hold
Lots of money with prosperity
O please make me 500,000 US Dollars and 5000 pounds of Gold Richer
So blessed Be

I honor the Sun every Sunday. I have read and have been told that there are so many Gods of the Sun. People depend on the Sun. If there were only Darkness then their would be many wars and lots of crime.

I made this page to honor the Sun and to thank you so much for shining light on me. I know my heart is full of darkness these days but you still give me a little light so many days. Sun I know people said you will eventually burn out, but I believe you will return if you ever did and it would be the horrors and disappointments of mans world that would cause you harm in anyway.

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