Erotic Shemale Stories

You are a student in a college course but you are doing bad. At the end of class you come up to my desk to ask me for extra credit. I am standing their with my glasses on and brown business suit covering my sexy body.

Here I will post all my erotic shemale fantasy stories

The Shemale College Teacher

I look at you and say, “May I Help you?” You say, ” I really need extra credit or I will fail the class.” I say “Well maybe its your fault you are having these problems. You just need to be punished for hanging with your friends and partying. ”

I walk to the door and close it and lock it and close the blinds. I walk over to you and say “Get down on your knees and open your mouth and I will give you extra credit” You get on your knees and open your mouth and I walk over to you as I pull of my blazer and skirt and there laying in front of my panties is a bulge. My panties are White my push up bra is light brown standing in front of you. I walk over to you and pull down my panties and a cock just starts to get hard . I walk over to you and I shove a big 8 inch cock down your throat. I start to fuck your mouth. I grind it down your throat as you are gagging. I look down at you and say, ” Your mouth was made for my cock so suck it till I can paint your face and you will get a good grade. Suck you little worthless bitch.” You are gagging and gagging and eventually my thick cream is in your mouth then I pull out and paint the blast all over your face. I look down at you and say, “Now you have done your extra credit. I will give you a B maybe and A if you come back tomorrow and give me some ass.”

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  1. coolbreeze03 says:

    wow that was really hot…definitely got me hard

  2. cappacinoguy says:

    sometimes we write about our fantasies and what we really want done to us, do you desire me treating you like my naughty wife, my sexy beautiful tramp of a wife, flaunt you about town making the other guys hot for you then have you on your needs infront of everyone in a club making you gag and you showing them how much you love me?

    • vicki says:

      I think it changes up, depends on the mood. Me being bipolar, it does not have to stop at that. I can take my ups and downs and use them. My downs I should serve cock, my ups I should have men worship me

      Or even sometimes let my downs but the time you feel you have to step things up and show me that you can always make me happy.

      Bless me with so many things and success. Success keeps people happy and up.

    • vicki says:

      Hello yes, you know I am a nasty girl. I cook in the bedroom not the kitchen

      I try in the kitchen but I don’t have the hands

  3. vicki says:

    My secret admirer

    Well everything was normal and then I get a knock at my door. A guy comes to my door and tells me he is interested in buying my car. I look at him and say who are you. He said he stays on the other side of town and comes by here to see friends in this part of town. I say I will have to check with my family about the car cause they gave it to e. So he said ok. He gets my number and calls me 4 days in a room. He kept asking about the car. I was like I dont’ know really. He said, “What about you?” I said , “What about me?” He said, “Can I come over keep you company and we can talk about the car in bed. I can really eat pussy good and fuck you really hard up your black juicy pussy. Plus I want to play with them nice tits.” Now you know I have not been that sexy since living here but my powers of enchantress still work. So he got here and come to find out, there was no pussy to be found. Let me slow down First her sucked on my tits and pushed me up against the wall. My breast feed him with lust , desire and horny temptations. Then you reached his hands in my blue jean skirt to rub up and down on my my nice thick plus sized chocolate ass. Then he reached past my belly into my frontal panties and said, “Whats this?” I said, “Surprise!!!” He was like well I am bigger than you!” He pulled out 9 to 10 inches of cock laying there to his knees, he through me in the bed and put his dick up against mine, and he just dry humped me with our dicks rubbing together. It was so good. I have not had a cum load like that in years just us exploding together between each others chest. I felt his power of sexuality and he felt mine. We did it like 2 times.

    Hot nasty safe sex.

  4. vicki says:

    I had a dream

    I was standing at this corner and this couple drove by. I was wearing some tight jeans with a hole in one of my ass cheeks. The wife looked at me and said , “You need a ride?” I said , “I am going far all the way to another city and back.” She said, ” thats fine you have to just stop by our house first.” I said, “Ok. So I get in their littla Neon and we ride to their house which turns out to be close to where I am going. She is in this white dress kind of see through but pretty mature lady. He is in just jeans some boots and a tshirt. So I get out the car with them and they are both very attractive. Then he says, ” We changed our mind, walk home you fat black girl.” I was so angry. So I pulled that Whip out my purse and he was like, “Hold on you black bitch.” I said ” its mistress Vicki to you!” I took that whip and start swing it back and forth, and thewoman liked it and dropped down ot her knees and pulled all her clothes off and said, “I will server you my black queen.” I said , “Good you little white bitch, now make your husband obey me before I take this whip to his ass. I will beat his ass till he is red!!!” The man tried to run I took the whip and swung up around so I could grab him round his feet and trip him. I pulled him closer to me and said, “Now you gonna get it.” I took that hand part of the whip and started inserting it into his buns and he was begging me for mercy. I laughed and said you are worthless and I don’t do safe words you whore. She was sitting their naked and I pulled it out his buns and I made her go over there and lick his buns. She was like, “NO mistress!” I picked up my whip and said “what you little white whore?” She dropped down and started licking. I shot cream all over her face while she was down there licking him and I told her to take her fingers and push the cream into his buns. ” She started crying and I woke up. I am like what happend? LOL

  5. vicki says:

    The delivery man. This guy came to deliver me a package, I was like I want to tip you, so I went in the house and he came in behind me. I looked up and said what you doing. He started rubbing my tits and stuff and I am like you know what you doing? Well anyway so I am trying to reach in my purse and get his sexy self out my house and next thing, bulge in the panties. O yeah it was rising to the occasion. No castration here sorry. I was like ooooooooooooo, he was like what the heck. I was like calm down. This man dropped down and started kissing the bulge, he made a white spot in his pants and jumped up through 10 dollars at me and ran out the door. Now does that make me a good tipper or what? LOL!!!!!

  6. vicki says:

    O my its a Cop

    Ok, now lets talk stalker. You know I gained weight and yes allot of you don’t like me being this big fat woman lately but get over it. Well anyway, this cop came to my door. I was like , “Can I help you?” He is like, “We noticed you have not been out lately and we wanted to make sure you were alright.” I looked at him and said , “You are alone, who the hell is we.”

    While I am telling this cop he needs to mind his own business, he is getting a bulge in his pants. So then another cop comes by and he is like what are you doing in this district. I looked at that cop and he pushed me inside and he told the other cop, I am just visiting a friend of the family. So the cop from my area left and when I turned around the cop that was knocking at my door was beating his meat. I am like, ” What are you doing?” He still was beating and he said, “I love it when you wear your rainbow socks.” I am like, “What?” He cums all over my front room floor, then pushes me down and makes me suck his hot dog clean. Then he says thank you and leaves. You know men of power can do what they want.

    O well, he didn’t taste that bad, I will let him slide this time, but next time I am bending him over and sticking my toy up his behind, he will learn not to pop up on this black shemale.

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