For Slaves

Well this is the section that my volunteer online slave should focus on.

I know you have seen me sub but I have a hardcore side as well. I do racial play, minor hardore BDSM, and verbal humiliation.

If you are looking for feminization then go to

Things you should know. The Rules:

I. You are a worthless bitch and Victoria is a beautiful Goddess.
II. Victoria is number 1
III. Victoria rules your world
IV. When you wake up you dream of Victoria
V. Victoria is always right
VI. Victoria will get whatever she wants cause you are the one to make that possible
VII. I will please Victoria in anyway possible
VIII. Your entire purpose in life is to worship Mistress Victoria.

I want to rule the world, your world that is. I want to be the most important person in your life.


95 Responses to For Slaves

  1. vicki says:

    New Task

    Today I think all slaves should go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. Slap your self 10 times on each cheek and say “I belong to Mistress Victoria” between each slap. Then do the same to each butt cheek on your ass. Then finger yourself with 3 fingers and cum on your counter, then lick it off and say, “Victoria I am truly all yours.”

    That will be your task

  2. vicki says:

    New Task


    Go get you a broom (or mop, or plunger ) stick, a roll of tissue, a condom , some ice and a book.

    Now this is a degrading command, so make sure you don’t fight me when you do this.

    Now make this happen for me.
    Now go to the bathroom with all this. Look in the mirror before you start and say “I belong to Mistress Victoria.

    Say it over and over again. 10 times.

    Take the Ice and put 2 pieces in your ass. Take 2 more pieces and put them on your nipples and say” I belong to Mistress Victoria”

    Then take the book and spank yourself 10 times on each cheek and say ” I belong to Mistress Victoria”

    Make sure you spank both cheeks

    Now go take the tissue and wrap around your hand about 20 to 30 times making a dick and put it at the end of your broom stick or mop

    Now put them condom over it.

    Now put some soap on top of the condom and fuck yourself with it. Put the broom or mop against the wall and fuck yourself.

    Now say ” I belong to Mistress Victoria” each time you fuck yourself then eventually jack off and cum on the counter.

    The if you truly love and give yourself to me, lick it up. Think of tasting me.

    Then when you have finished say you have done it to me.

    • kje23 says:

      I’ve rode my toilet plunger handle the last 3 nights while imagining it was my beautiful chocolate mistress’s pole and came all over the counter. Love tasting your juice, and can’t wait to dream of your body again tonight mistress.

  3. vicki says:

    I love to give spankings. I want you to get a book and spank yourself like 20 times on each ass cheek and say, ” I Belong to Victoria!” over and over till you do 20 n each side of your behind.

  4. blitzzz says:

    thank you sooo much my #1 Goddess you’re amazing

  5. blitzzz says:

    luv ur broom cock goddess victoria

  6. vicki says:

    Now if you don’t have a well or a wishing pond or well near you then fill a cup with water like half full or whatever, then hold 3 pennies in your hand and pick up the first penny ans say Bless my Goddess Victoria Tory Brown with Wealth Prosperity acceptance and endurance, then do the same thing to the next penny and then to the last one, and let those pennies stay in that plastic cup for 24 hours as your pledge of love to me to the great Day and Star of Venus. Not asking you to worship Venus but ask the Venus star to give me wealth prosperity acceptance and endurance.

  7. vicki says:

    New Task, read and enjoy it

    Get a paddle or a thick book

    Get some Lotion

    Go to your bathroom mirror

    Say, ” I give my power, body and sex needs to Victoria.”

    Take 1 of your fingers and push it up your behind or ass

    Say it again as you finger your self 10 times

    Then two fingers and say it 10 times

    then 3 fingers and say it 10 times

    Then 4 fingers and say it and do it 10 times

    Then 5 fingers and say it and do it 10 times

    Finally say as many fingers as you can take, “I am a worthless bitch and I serve queen Victoria, and she owns all my holes.”

    I have spoken now do this task

  8. lolvtec says:

    Miss Victoria, I’ve done everything you asked, please please give us more!

  9. bobby says:

    Vicki- this evening I’ve started the first task as you outlined- it will now become part of my daily routine going forward. The experience was “magic”!
    I want to serve you in every way possible now and forever.
    It’s my hope that someday you will accept me as one of your obedient slaves ?

  10. Dale says:

    Goddess Victoria I am now ready to start my slave training, I so much want to serve you by starting this training.

  11. Dale says:

    Yes Master I am ready able and willing to do whatever my black Master tells me to do. Serving you is sooo pleasurable.

    My mind and body belong to you and only you, I am your obedient slave boy.

  12. Dale says:

    Yes Master I will never break any of your rules, I must please you at all times.

  13. clouds1 says:

    yes goddess vicki!!you re always in mind!

  14. Dale says:

    You are soo deep in my head that I must see you and hear your voice multiple times each day.

    I cherish getting your emails and sending you tributes, I must send you another gift.

    I have never been so happy since you allowed me to be your slave.

    I will do anything to be with my Goddess.

    I worship my Goddess daily.

  15. Dale says:

    You are so right Master pleasing you only makes me hornier for you.

  16. Dale says:

    I love your picture on this page those lips and breasts are irresistable.

  17. slaverobert says:

    I serve Mistress Victoria. I am her slaveamd will obey her commands. She is so seductive. I desire to please Victoria every moment,

  18. Dale says:

    I belong to Victoria
    I belong to Victoria
    I belong to Victoria
    I belong to Victoria
    I belong to Victoria
    I belong to Victoria
    I belong to Victoria
    I belong to Victoria
    I belong to Victoria
    I belong to Victoria

    I desire Victoria
    I worship Victoria
    I trust Victoria
    Victoria owns me
    I give my self to Victoria
    Victoria is my master
    I want to serve Victoria and make her happy
    I want to serve Victoria and make her happy
    I want to serve Victoria and make her happy
    I want to serve Victoria and make her happy
    I want to serve Victoria and make her happy
    I want to serve Victoria and make her happy
    I want to serve Victoria and make her happy
    I want to serve Victoria and make her happy

  19. Dale says:

    Pleasing you only makes me hornier for you, you are so beautiful and powerful.

  20. A D says:

    I love you my goddess! I’m your bitch slave pet and I love worship you Mistress Vicki!

  21. A D says:

    I do mistress Vicki! I worship you and the ground you walk on. Oh how I wish to be in your presence my goddess.

  22. A D says:

    I’m sorry I haven’t worshiped you in awhile mistress. 🙁

  23. Dale says:

    I need to be your 1 slave again.

  24. Tiny Slave says:

    Hey Giant Goddess, you’re a queen, what would you do with a little man like me?

    • vicki says:

      It depends on how small I make your little self. Size of a finger nail or size of a finger

      • Tiny Slave says:

        Mmmmm .. I love shrinking my size and being the size of a grain of rice, so I would be so small, I would be a little pink dot, on the floor of your room, I would be wearing only a black boxer, I would look up and I would see a gigantic goddess, with your beautiful and sexy feet, so I would approach your right foot, I would give a little lick on your thumb. What would you do with me?

  25. Tiny Man says:

    But before that I give you a little lick on your big toe, so I start to climb your giant and sexy foot, I climb up your smooth and smooth leg, I’m going to lick your skin, then I go climbing until I get to your knee and then I keep climbing, and I get to your soft thigh, I start rubbing my little hard dick in it, so I look up and see your colossal tower , my little dick starts to vibrate from horny, so I go climbing more, and more, I get into your giant and delicious balls, I start to lick them … What will you do with me?

  26. says:

    Mistress Victoria,

    Bring me to my knee’s
    Allow me to worship and serve your body

    Allow me to take your dick to my mouth
    Allow me to lick your sweet ass

    Allow me to serve all your needs

  27. says:

    Dreaming of my tongue licking your sweet delicious black ass.

  28. Dale says:

    I need you to cum in my mouth and my ass. I need to give you the best blow job you have ever experienced.

  29. says:

    Love giving you a passionate blow job. The ecstasy of your hard delicious pleasure stick in my mouth, tasting your yummy cum as you ejaculate on my tongue.

    It would be Paradise for me.

  30. luvspantyhose says:

    I agree with Tiny Man & Tiny Slave. Being small and at your feet would be awesome!
    Laying along your toes, inside your nylons! If I had 1 wish, it would be to give you powers to change anyone into anything! So that I could be there, and worship you every day, in any way that you wish!

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