Been Busy Doing Nothing but did make a new friend

I am so lazy lately. I don’t feel like doing anything. I really need to get off my ass. I guess I need someone to check on me more often.

I did make a new friend though and she is cool. She does not know much about me yet. I hope she does not mind I am trans.

About vicki

I live 1 hour north of Pittsburgh, and looking for a new place to relocate. I am South of Erie northeast of Pittsburgh by 1 hour. If you are ever in the area shoot me an email or text. Love meeting people who are not ashamed of tgirls, shemales and transsexuals I am on all messengers as sstvickisecret
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  1. says:


    Dreaming your fine lazy black ass was sitting in my lap as we embrace and share passionate kisses.

  2. JW says:

    Hi Vicki
    Its been awhile but I’m still around. Yep. still single and always looking to find that special some I can love and cherish .Im sorry your family doesnt like your life style but do you, Dont let them bring you down. But anyhow I see you are looking away to earn some money. Not getting to deep into your business what exactly are you trying to do and how much are you trying come up. Im always looking to invest in a business if it worth. So get back to me let know whats and where are planning to open this business

  3. says:

    My Queen,

    i live to serve,
    i live to obey,
    i live to please

    Without you i am nothing.

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