My health is not good

I know I told you all that before but I have got to do something. I want to loose weight but I am just not determined to. This weight is one of the biggest problems that I have. Do any of you have advice?

I have diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver, and abnormal kidneys.

I just ordered a pizza yesterday. I don’t eat vegetables either. That’s a big problem. I will have to work this out and try to diet. I got to subway and get 3 foot longs every week.
My friend’s child’s daughter dad just died of a heart attack. This has made me think.

There are times I feel like I don’t want to live anymore and don’t care what I eat but it does not work like that.

I know if loose weight I will be sexy again and I would love that. Plus, my health would improve. I am just not determined. I feel like a big blob.

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I live 1 hour north of Pittsburgh, and looking for a new place to relocate. I am South of Erie northeast of Pittsburgh by 1 hour. If you are ever in the area shoot me an email or text. Love meeting people who are not ashamed of tgirls, shemales and transsexuals I am on all messengers as sstvickisecret
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  1. Tiny Man says:

    Do not worry you’ll be fine. have determination and willpower. I also need to lose weight, and I do not have money for a gym, and I love chocolate and candy. I’m not an overweight fat man, but I still need to take care of my health, and I know you will too.

  2. Tiny Man says:

    And you’ll always be a sexy goddess, do not let it upset you. I myself would love to be friends with a sexy goddess like you. Make more videos when you can, more Giantess videos. You’re hot, a tip from your Tiny Little friend.

  3. says:


    You need to get out and walk and do some light exercise.

  4. Kurtbw says:


    Try the Vedda Blood Glucose Rermedy – I did it, I too am diabetic (Type2). It lowered my sugar to 100 or less and A1c to around 5-6 to 6. I just walked instead of working out and I only walked a block or two a day for about 3 weeks. It goes by that name and no mater how much there is other advertising, just go to the end to chekout and pay the 30 bucks or whatever. I only eat what I need now and only splurge to half of of something twice a month.

    Drink water often 16-24 oz a day.

    would like to meet you too.


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