Struggling Times

It seems I am not the only one that is struggling right now. O well it happens. I hope things get better cause to me things are getting worse.

Trump does not want transsexuals in the military. They say its a hormone thing but I think its something else. He hates gays and transsexuals. Everyone is like he has gay friends. I don’t see any on this committee. I hope we can survive his presidency and the next president. Seems like we are going backwards.

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I live 1 hour north of Pittsburgh, and looking for a new place to relocate. I am South of Erie northeast of Pittsburgh by 1 hour. If you are ever in the area shoot me an email or text. Love meeting people who are not ashamed of tgirls, shemales and transsexuals I am on all messengers as sstvickisecret
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4 Responses to Struggling Times

  1. midnight01 says:

    yes we are going backwards, we were just getting classes about accepting transgender in the army a few months ago, now nobody talks about it. this is just not a good year for a lot of people.

    On the bright side thanks for responding to my last post, happy I could cheer you up a little

    • vicki says:

      Yeah my friend told me that its about the hormones. I understand why they don’t want male to female ones. We have major moods with hormones. I do not understand why they don’t accept female to male.

  2. Dale says:

    you need to post more you tube videos.

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