Lilith The First Hemophrodite and ruler of Transsexuals and Demons

Ok I know this is weird but you all need to read the story of Lilith

Years ago I dated a guy and he was afraid to date me cause of who I am

but then he learned of the story of Lilith and he said that transsexuals have the same issues as Lilith did. They try to stand their ground and man would not let them

Maybe thats why their is so much confusion on ts and tmen

About vicki

I live 1 hour north of Pittsburgh, and looking for a new place to relocate. I am South of Erie northeast of Pittsburgh by 1 hour. If you are ever in the area shoot me an email or text. Love meeting people who are not ashamed of tgirls, shemales and transsexuals I am on all messengers as sstvickisecret
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