Tia and Infiniti are both a little mad at me

I am kind of pushy and they are kind of set in their ways. Tia
and Infiniti
Tia is so hard headed and this guy that likes me she constantly sees them online and wants to call me and say he is online hitting on other girls. That is not her business and I am not in a relationship, we are just close friends.

Now she is right about some guys but no one is right all the time

Infiniti is a little mad at me cause I saw a guy that was 6’5 and he was perfect for her. He thinks I am a little too slutty for him. Actually allot of guys think that. They are not smart enough to come to my blog and realize thats just a freaky side of me. I am really old school in other ways.

Regardless of talking to my friends I hopoe they both find happiness

About vicki

I live 1 hour north of Pittsburgh, and looking for a new place to relocate. I am South of Erie northeast of Pittsburgh by 1 hour. If you are ever in the area shoot me an email or text. Love meeting people who are not ashamed of tgirls, shemales and transsexuals I am on all messengers as sstvickisecret
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