640 Credit Score

The Untied States Urban Developement Dept has a loan for low income people to get land for farming. The thing is its for low income but you have to have a 640 credit score. I still don’t understand why a governement loan program will focus on credit scores to provide housing to people that need it.

I stay in PA and in the state .

Now my family owns land but they inherited their land from the 1800s. My family is one of the few families able to aquire land and hold it after all these years. My mother and Father both have land that belongs to their families. I am not a resident of Mississippi nor do I want to return. I want to get land up here in PA. Here in PA the black own land in the state is less than 5 percent. Now can I consider that discrimination? I don’t know. The funny thing is they have black people working the programs and only white land owners. In land there is so much power. If you own land you can continue to survive.

Well wish me luck, I am already doing my research

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