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I should update more

I am going to start talking to you about my past sometimes. I want to express some of the wrongs I have done. There was these girls that offered me an apartment. I gave them a deposit. On the day … Continue reading

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Movies Now Fixed

My videos were messed up but they are now better. So click on personal videos and a few of my videos are there. Now if you want to see more go to the websites.

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I love This Video. Its old but I love it.

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Was Down Yesterday

But I am better today. I know what things I need to do to make sure I am not depressed but its hard to make myself do them. The medicines help a little but you can’t always count on the … Continue reading

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Money is tight, but I am surviving

I used to get awards for having so many customers, but lately my calls have been few. I am not totally blaming the president but since he been in office my money has been so slow. I don’t know it … Continue reading

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Check Out My Erotic Stories

I posted some erotic stories. There is a pull down menu. You will love them. Please, go check some out and leave comments. Thanks

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