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Do not really Escort

I like slaves to spoil me yes. That is very true. I do not escort though. Some guys ask this, but I don’t escort. I do date and get to know people.

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I am too fat

I went to the tgirl party after I left Mississippi and I was a big fat blob. No guys hit on me and I was not dressed sexy cause I got out late. I hope I got to loose some … Continue reading

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Visit to Mississippi and my Family

Hello, I hope everyone has been ok. I went home this past week to see my family in Mississippi. Did you I tell you about that. I have to strap my tits down and be a boy to see my … Continue reading

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Its a New Month

Hey everybody. Its a new month. I might be going to Mississippi this month. I have not visited in 5 years. I don’t want to visit now. I don’t like having to go see my family. I have to hide … Continue reading

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