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I will be back in Philly again for Halloween

The most powerful day of the year for me, well one of the most powerful. I will be in Philadelphia. I can’t wait to party with the best of them. Wish me luck. I have to rent a car again. … Continue reading

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My car is broke down, and people act affraid of me

Well my car is broke down. I am in the city of Ford City, Kittanning area with not a good running car and food in the frig I don’t want. I walked to the drug store the other day, and … Continue reading

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Rick is gone for good and in love with someone else

I hate to give my heart to someone cause it gets broken so fast. I really need to fight with the next guy I meet. The world is meant to be at my feet so I will make it so. … Continue reading

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My Trip to Philadelphia, as a plus sized woman

I went to Angleas Laptop Lounge and wore 2 outfits. Here is one of them.

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Henri David Ball, Biggest Tgirl Party of the Year

Well the Henry David Ball of 2013 is at the . I don’t know if I have a date or not. I need a date for it. One guy said he was going with me now he lost my number

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I did not make Philly last time but Going back

I did not make it to Philly last time but I am gong to try again. Wish me luck. I really really want to make it to philly. I got to get out this house for a while. this place … Continue reading

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Depression Again, Going to Philly October 11 to 13

Well I am going to visit Philly and I am not happy about it. I know I should be, but my living situation has me so messed up I barely leave the house again. Things are really bad for me … Continue reading

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