Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving

Hey I hope you have been thankful for having me in your lives. Sorry I have not posted lately. Been dealing with allot.

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Had a foot procedure done

I had to get lesion cut off my pinky toe. I have never had anything like that before. O well it happened. I have to tell people I am transgender before they can do a procedure. O well that happens and I can’t change it. I hope you all are ok.

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Stocking Feet Video

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Homophobic Guys

I been dealing with the situation of people around me being homophobic. They don’t like people like me. I hate that. They hate me and I hate how the feel about people like me. It really sucks.

I don’t like being around them but I don’t have much choice. We go to the same place weekly.

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Business was busy but now its kind of slow again

Wish me luck at making money this month. I wish things were busy all the time.

I have this one servant that calls me on the chat line. He loves talking to me.

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Been Busy Doing Nothing but did make a new friend

I am so lazy lately. I don’t feel like doing anything. I really need to get off my ass. I guess I need someone to check on me more often.

I did make a new friend though and she is cool. She does not know much about me yet. I hope she does not mind I am trans.

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Need to make more money on the phonesex line

My car note is one of the reasons I am struggling. I make enough money to pay it but don’t know how long that will last. I have so many bills every month and its hard to make money when I am sleeping allot. I might need to try coffee. Coffee is said to hurt breast growth. I think my tits might stay the same though.

Everyone cross their fingers. I hope my health gets better.

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My Health is Worse

I am really not taking good care of myself. My diabetes is not doing good. Plus, I have some problems with my kidneys. It really sucks. I know what I need to do just don’t feel like doing it.

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I am sleeping too much

I need I need to get out and walk, but I just don’t feel like it and I don’t like walking around here. To be honest I don’t like walking period. I would rather exercise than walk. Wish I had a track to walk on a friend to walk with. Then a bigger place to work out here. They only problem with working out is the fact that it makes my body have more muscle. I don’t like muscle on my body it makes me look to masculine.

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My Family

I get along with my brother, and my mom is ok. Just my dad and my other brother. They hate my lifestyle. My mom and brother that deals with me don’t like it either but they still treat me like family. I wish my family was cool with me like other families except their transgender children. It looks like I just have to make you all my family. I am just so busy lately that I barely have time for anything.

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