Talking on the Phone Sex line vs talking on the phone

Allot of guys say they want to hear my voice. I make youtube videos and do phonesex. It is hard to give every admirer the attention they ask for . Maybe in the future I can.

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Romance is not there in my life

I wish I had some romance in my life. Would love a guy to take me out to dinner and spend quality time with me. It seems that guys will as long as I give them sex in return. It should not be like that.

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Thank you all for emails, text and responses

I want to thank all of you for writing me back. I love getting advice from others. It seems that all of you want me to be happy.

There is an over eaters meeting not far from me. I think I will start going there. It can’t hurt to try to get help. I been ordering Pizza almost every week. Well not almost, its been every week. I am gonna max out my credit card with Pizza.

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Sorry Got Behind on Emails but you can text me

I want to say all of you its ok to text me. 215-900-7000. I would love to get text from you. Just emails text make me smile.

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My health is not good

I know I told you all that before but I have got to do something. I want to loose weight but I am just not determined to. This weight is one of the biggest problems that I have. Do any of you have advice?

I have diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver, and abnormal kidneys.

I just ordered a pizza yesterday. I don’t eat vegetables either. That’s a big problem. I will have to work this out and try to diet. I got to subway and get 3 foot longs every week.
My friend’s child’s daughter dad just died of a heart attack. This has made me think.

There are times I feel like I don’t want to live anymore and don’t care what I eat but it does not work like that.

I know if loose weight I will be sexy again and I would love that. Plus, my health would improve. I am just not determined. I feel like a big blob.

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I want to be happy again

I used to be happy sometimes when I lived in Louisiana and Philadelphia. I was even happier when I struggled in Mississippi sometimes. Gosh this really sucks.

Its my fault for moving here I guess. I was better off in Philadelphia.

I do have friends here finally and that is great.

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Did some Chores

Well I been up since 2:30 this morning. I did some chores around the house. My gosh its about time I feel motivated to do something in my house. I stop taking a medicine and it does seem I am getting better.

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This Area is Still Racist

I thought once I moved here more people would be cool with me but its not that way. Some don’t like my race and others don’t like my sexuality. Its such a judge mental area.

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Please Help This Couple

There is a couple that might have to do 6 years in prison cause of some conservative people. Please click the link and read their story. It is very touching. I wish I made enough money to help them.


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I should update more

I am going to start talking to you about my past sometimes. I want to express some of the wrongs I have done.

There was these girls that offered me an apartment. I gave them a deposit. On the day we were supposed to move I changed my mind and was really evil to them. I don’t know whats wrong with me. I should not have done that. I just did not like the guys hanging out in the bottom floor. I also didn’t like the open space.

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